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Pour Some On The Curb For Your Dead Homie Jesus


25 June
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My name is Waffle. My real name is Caress Reeves, but no one uses it. I'm fourteen and I wish I could draw better. I live in Arkansas. You probably don't know where that is. Arkansas is a state in the United states below Missouri and one of weird shapes of land that exist in the south by Tennesee and Mississippi. I go to Parkview High school, and I'm on the Visual Arts side. I do well in school. I am black. I have a kitty named Waffle, and she's very bad. I draw, but I want to get better. I am not sure what to be later in life. I stay up late hours into the night. Jesus is cool. I do not like premarital sex. I like cake a lot. I like Disney movies because they're able to entertain without being vulgar or explicit. I like cartoons and animation in general 'cause that's all cool. LJ is evil because they only let you have three icons if you have a free account. I like personifications of Death.

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